Can hearing loss cause other health problems?

Yes. While hearing problems themselves do not necessarily cause other health issues, untreated hearing loss can place more strain on both the body and the brain, leading to potentially fatal conditions.

Patients who have been suffering from hearing loss for a year or longer could be at risk of other serious medical problems, such as:

  1. Falls. Humans rely on sound cues and motion perception in their inner ears to maintain their balance. The longer a person lives without adequate hearing, the more likely it is that he or she will be injured as a result of a trip or fall.
  2. Cognitive decay. As the brain becomes accustomed to not hearing noises, the processing portions of the brain begin to slow down or even shut off, leading to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Patients with a severe degree of hearing loss are more at risk of mental and cognitive decline.
  3. Emotional problems. Researchers have established a link between hearing loss and emotional trauma. Hearing loss sufferers are under a great deal of stress, and often succumb to depression and anxiety, and could suffer physical manifestations of stress (such as high blood pressure or heart attacks).

Am I Already At Risk?

The best way to avoid health problems in the future is to have your hearing condition diagnosed as early as possible. Even if you have been suffering from a hearing problem for years, a hearing aid can help you regain independence and keep your body and brain healthy. Come in to one of our Florida offices for a hearing test, or call us today at 866-517-4415 to make an appointment.

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