How Our Hearing Specialists Can Help Restore Your Lost Hearing Ability

The providers at Medical Hearing Systems take you through the many stages of hearing loss correction to find a solution that works for you. From comprehensive hearing tests to choosing a hearing aid and performing regular device maintenance, we help Florida patients regain their ability to hear.

Hearing ConsultationHearing Consultation

A hearing aid is only one part of our hearing restoration services. Our hearing rehabilitation program begins by determining the source of the problem in our audiology testing lab. Once you have chosen a device, we perform device cleaning, hearing tests, and regular follow-up care to ensure we are doing all we can to restore the largest measure of hearing loss.

Hearing Aid DevicesHearing Aid Devices

Nothing should hold you back from getting the hearing aid device you want. Medical Hearing Systems offers a range of top-of-the-line devices, such as behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, and completely in-the-canal models, all at competitive prices and with a 30-day trial. Our flexible financing makes it easy to afford any device you desire, plus accessories for your cellphone, television, and other electronics.

Hearing Aid Repair and MaintenanceHearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Hearing device on the fritz? A device should last up to ten years, so if yours isn’t performing properly, you may simply need proper maintenance. If your hearing aid isn’t working as well as it used to, our technicians can get to the source of the problem, saving you the cost of replacement.

Tinnitus Evaluation and ReliefTinnitus Evaluation and Relief

Tinnitus, or “head noise,” is a common side effect of hearing loss. Tinnitus has many different causes—including aging, illness, or blockages in the inner ear—and there are many treatments that can ease the persistent ringing in the ears. Our specialists can clean your ears to remove earwax and debris and help you choose the most effective treatment for your symptoms.