Questions to Ask Before Buying a Hearing Aid
Medical Hearing Systems

Each year, dozens of new hearing aid devices are released onto the market, giving hearing loss sufferers newer and better ways to treat their conditions. But for people who have never purchased a device before, it can be difficult to know which devices are worth the money and which will leave them with buyer’s remorse. 6 Questions You Need to Ask Before Purchasing Your Hearing… Read More

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Preventing Hearing Aid Damage in Humid Conditions
Medical Hearing Systems

Florida residents may have found ways to cope with high heat and humidity, but electronic devices are constantly at risk of damage due to warmer weather—and that includes hearing aids. Sweat and moisture buildup can corrode a device’s contact points, cause batteries to overheat, and obstruct tubing, all of which can mean expensive repair or early replacement of a device. Reducing Moisture and Humidity in… Read More

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Smartphone Apps Offer Assistance to Those With Hearing Loss
Medical Hearing Systems

It used to be that finding the help you needed to identify and treat your hearing loss could be a difficult and tedious process. It could even be difficult to know when it was time seek the advice of a qualified professional. Today, however, new technology is increasingly making it easier for more people to access the tools they need to understand and address their… Read More

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Protect Your Hearing During Summertime Activities
Medical Hearing Systems

The sun, fun and sounds of summer are here! For most of us, it means more time outdoors, and from outdoor concerts to mowing the grass, there are more opportunities for risk of noise-induced hearing loss. In fact, did you know that aging isn’t the main cause of hearing loss? It’s prolonged exposure to excessive noise. The good news is that noise-induced hearing loss is… Read More

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