5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Hearing Aid to a New High-Tech Model

As a longtime hearing aid wearer, you know that hearing devices work using three simple components: a microphone, amplifier, and speaker. The microphone picks up the sounds around you, the amplifier adds power to the sounds and transmits them to the speaker, which allows you to hear. But while hearing devices may work on the same principle, they all deliver a different sound experience—and it can be difficult to know which one is optimal for you.

How a Newer Model Hearing Aid Can Make Your Daily Life Easier

Today, most new hearing aids use digital technology, which may be slightly off-putting for patients who have grown used to their analog devices. However, patients should be aware that digital hearing aids offer many advantages and can improve your hearing ability in many small but satisfying ways.

An upgraded hearing device can offer major benefits, including:

  • Connectivity. As hearing aid technology progresses, patients are getting more and more options that can interact with their personal electronic devices. Many devices can now connect wirelessly to cell phones, televisions, and stereo systems via Bluetooth technology. The Starkey Halo is noted for its ability to stream phone calls, play music, and interact directly with your iPhone, delivering clear sound straight to your hearing aid.
  • Background noise. Many patients with hearing loss find it difficult to hear in situations with high background noise levels. Many newer devices offer directional microphones to home in on the sounds you want to hear, as well as offering one-touch remote controls to easily adjust in noisy situations. A good option for easy control is the ReSound ENZO2, which offers high-tech sound processing (for amplification and sound direction identification) as well as a smartphone app to make fast changes to your device without removing it.
  • Speech sounds. Some hearing aids prioritize speech sounds and conversational understanding above all else. One such device is the Widex Dream, which was designed to make sound and voice transmissions deeper and richer. This device also makes it easy to listen to multiple speakers in a conversation, even if one is in front of you and the other is behind.
  • Comfort. If your hearing aid has a history of falling off of your ear or delivering spotty sound due to a poor fit, you should know that there are many new designs that can improve wearer comfort. In-the-canal models are fitted using custom earmolds, preventing whistling or feedback from a loose-fitting device, while the Widex Unique Passion offers the benefits of a behind-ear hearing aid with one of the smallest and most compact casings on the market.
  • Discretion. In the past, patients with profound hearing loss would be forced to rely on heavier, more noticeable hearing aids that were necessary to deliver higher amplification. Today, patients with advanced hearing conditions can enjoy clear sound in devices that fit completely within the ear canal. The Siemens Nitro® custom in-the-ear hearing aid brings newer features to patients with severe hearing loss, including custom-fit earmolds, wireless connectivity, and tinnitus therapy options.

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While new hearing devices may come with a wealth of high-tech features, the most important thing to consider when choosing a new device is whether it solves your biggest hearing problems. You should discuss your concerns openly with a hearing professional, and allow him or her to recommend a device based specifically on your needs. If you talk on the phone regularly, a device with wireless features could be life changing—while people who enjoy outdoor sports may benefit from wind-resistant models.

If you’re tired of working around the problems of an outdated hearing aid, we can help. Come in to Medical Hearing Systems today to have one of our hearing care providers walk you through the benefits and accessories for each of our top-of-the-line hearing devices. Click on the locations tab at the top of this page for directions to our Florida location nearest you!

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