Are there any hearing aids or accessories for people who play sports?

Yes! Just because you have a hearing condition doesn’t mean you have to stay on the sidelines while your friends enjoy the warm weather. There are many different sports-centric hearing aids and accessories that allow you to hear crisp sound without risking damage to your device due to:

  • Sweat. Moisture can prove fatal for many hearing aids. Even if an individual leads a sedentary lifestyle, sweat can still cause hearing aids to fall out and be crushed underfoot, or simply deliver poor sound due to water damage to the components. There is a variety of hearing aid sweat bands that can absorb perspiration while the wearer is running, hiking, or biking, while sport clips can keep your hearing aids securely in place during a high-impact workout.
  • Wet weather. If you are the outdoorsy type, you may wish to consider a weather protector for your hearing aid. These are tiny filters that are installed inside the device to provide extra protection from wind, rain, mud, and other potential dangers. For occasional outdoor treks (such as a trip to the beach), you can opt for a hearing aid sleeve, which fits snugly over the hearing aid to prevent sand, sweat, and debris from damaging the components of your device.
  • Swimming. Many devices and cases are made to be water resistant; however, few can truly be called waterproof. If you’re an avid swimmer, speak to your hearing care specialist about waterproof hearing aids, which allow you to hear clearly both in and out of the water.

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