Your Approach Is Everything When Convincing a Relative to Get a Hearing Aid

You know that someone you love has a hearing problem. It frustrates you that she won’t get treatment, dismisses your concerns, and changes the topic every time you bring it up. Her safety is at risk, and you’re just trying to help—how can you make her understand that you have her best interests at heart?

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Too often, families and loved ones do not take a positive approach to hearing correction. They expect that an older relative will take care of his or her health, including hearing health—and they become annoyed if a relative is reluctant do something that seems like common sense.

However, a person with hearing loss may be afraid, embarrassed, or unwilling to get a hearing device for any number of reasons—and an accusing or angry tone will only make him or her retreat further. Consider these tips the next time you attempt to convince a relative to get a hearing aid:

  • Make it easy. The thought of making an appointment, undergoing testing, and paying for a device can be overwhelming if taken all at once. It’s much easier (and less scary) to take the process piece by piece. Suggest that you take your relative to her hearing appointment, and maybe get lunch afterward to discuss the results and talk about potential options.
  • Make it fun. Does your loved one wear glasses? She may have resisted vision correction at first, but now it’s second nature—especially with the range of colorful frames and accessories. Take a minute to examine all of the hearing devices on display, and find out which accessories are available. Remember: shopping should be fun!
  • Be protective. Your relative may be afraid of pushy salespeople, high price tags, or being treated like a child. Make it clear that you (or someone in your family whom your relative trusts) will be right by her side the entire time to act as her advocate. Tell her that if she is uncomfortable at any point, you will take her home—and stick to it.
  • Be considerate. From your point of view, this decision is practical; for your loved one, it’s emotional. Everything you say and do should be ruled by kindness, empathy, and above all, patience. Ask your loved one questions, and really take a moment to consider her point of view. The more you discuss hearing loss openly, the greater the chances that she will be open to finding a solution.

Our hearing care specialists have helped thousands of reluctant patients find the devices that gave them new confidence and energy to live their lives. After you have spoken with your relative, do not hesitate to call us at 866-517-4415 today or fill out our easy online contact sheet to make your first hearing testing appointment.

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