4 Ways Your Hearing Aid Can Be Protected From Humidity Damage

Florida residents may have found ways to cope with high heat and humidity, but electronic devices are constantly at risk of damage due to warmer weather—and that includes hearing aids. Sweat and moisture buildup can corrode a device’s contact points, cause batteries to overheat, and obstruct tubing, all of which can mean expensive repair or early replacement of a device.

Reducing Moisture and Humidity in Your Hearing Aids

Since moisture can greatly reduce the life of a hearing aid, many manufacturers have developed technology to help reduce and control moisture levels. Several hearing aid features and accessories are available that can prevent water damage, including:

  • Ingress Protection. Hearing aids with higher Ingress Protection (IP) ratings are better able to handle dirt, debris, and water exposure than others. The IP rating has two numbers: the first refers to the degree of protection against particles (such as dust or allergens), while the second determines resistance to water. The higher each number is, the better the protection to the substance. Those who live most of the year in a humid environment may wish to consider devices with high IP ratings, or even sport hearing aids that are made to be highly water-resistant.
  • Nano-coating. Most modern hearing aids are coated with a layer of water-repellant polymer that causes any water on the surface to roll off, much like wax applied to a car. Your hearing care provider can tell you which devices are protected with nano-coating.
  • Dehumidifiers. Hearing aid dehumidifiers are inexpensive storage boxes that dry out hearing aids overnight or when they are actively worn. Travel devices known as dry-kits are smaller versions of dehumidifiers, allowing hearing aid users to prevent humidity damage to hearing aids when they are out of town.
  • Sleeves. Products called sleeves or socks can protect against dirt, sweat, and rain, as well as offering extra comfort. They are typically made of spandex and slip over the device, blocking dirt and moisture but allowing sound to travel through clearly.

If you need help finding the right device or accessories for you, our hearing care specialists can provide the one-on-one guidance to keep you hearing perfectly. Use our easy online contact form to schedule a visit with a hearing care professional near you!

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