6 Questions Patients Should Ask Before Buying Their Hearing Aids

Each year, dozens of new hearing aid devices are released onto the market, giving hearing loss sufferers newer and better ways to treat their conditions. But for people who have never purchased a device before, it can be difficult to know which devices are worth the money and which will leave them with buyer’s remorse.

6 Questions You Need to Ask Before Purchasing Your Hearing Aid

While there is no one-size-fits-all device for your condition, there are many ways your hearing care provider can help you narrow the field. Once you have a smaller list of options, you can further narrow your choices by inquiring about:

  • Features. Once you know which devices treat your condition, you should examine which would be best for your lifestyle. Do you need a device that can connect wirelessly to cell phones and electronics? Do you want manual controls for volume and programs? Compare a few models side-by-side to see which are easiest for you to use and offer the options you are most likely to use regularly.
  • Price. Your provider should provide the total cost of each hearing aid before you buy, and advise you of any discounts, insurance coverage, and payment options. If you plan to purchase insurance on your device, you should factor this cost into the total price.
  • Trial periods. Patients may go through many hearing aids before finding their ideal device. Always ask your hearing care professional about free hearing aid trial periods that allow you to test the device in your own home.
  • Warrantees. Most new hearing aids include a warranty, but you should ask your provider exactly what is covered. Go through the terms of the warranty and ask your provider specifically what damage is covered (such as breakage, maintenance, normal wear and tear), as well as how long it lasts.
  • Repairs. Nearly all devices will need repair at some point. Ask your hearing care specialist about the repair process, including costs, loaner devices, and whether repairs are done onsite or sent out.
  • Refunds. Your provider should offer a refund if you are not satisfied with the hearing aid. Inquire how long you are guaranteed a refund and whether you will be refunded the full cost of the device.

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