Why do I need a hearing aid fitting?

No individual is required to have a hearing aid fitting, but there are many benefits to having a hearing healthcare professional advise you when it comes to choosing the right device. Before you send away for a hearing aid, consider how a hearing aid fitting can be invaluable to patients by:

  • Examining your hearing test results. Your hearing care provider will perform a short hearing test to determine the type and degree of your hearing loss. This not only helps patients discover which devices will work best for them, it can also identify potential problem areas (such as high- or low-frequency noises) and provide a baseline for future hearing exams.
  • Discussing your preferences. Once you know which types of devices will suit your condition, your hearing specialist will ask you about your personal preferences for a device. Do you want a hearing aid that is less obvious to others? Do you prefer a manual volume control, or an automated device? What hearing situations are most frustrating to you? Are you able to change small batteries by yourself, or would you prefer a larger device? The answers to these questions will make it more likely that the device suits your specific needs.
  • Narrowing your options. A hearing professional may ask what you want to be able to hear, and what your fears are with your new device. If you want to be able to speak with your grandchildren but cannot hear well over the phone, your care provider can choose a range of devices that pair with your phone. If you hate having to turn the TV or radio up, there are wireless accessories that can connect to your devices.
  • Avoiding past trouble. You should tell your provider if you have had a hearing device in the past, and why you did or did not like it. Was there too much sound distortion? Was it so small you were afraid of losing it? Was it uncomfortable or prone to breakdowns? The more information you provide, the more likely it is that you will leave with a device that does exactly what you want (and none of the things you dislike).

A Fitting Allows You to Try Before You Buy

One of the biggest benefits of working with a hearing care provider is the ability to see many different devices firsthand before making a final investment. To get started, call us today at 866-517-4415 to make an appointment at the Florida office nearest you.

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