Hearing Problems May Increase Your Chances of Hospitalization

Your hearing loss is annoying at times, but you’ve found a way to live with it that doesn’t require you to buy a hearing aid. You can read lips and turn the TV up, so all things considered, you aren’t seriously affected by your condition. Right?

Hearing Loss Can Lead to Serious Injuries

People with hearing loss often delay treatment for their condition, considering it a “minor” problem. Unfortunately, hearing problems pose serious health threats that can cause hospitalization or even early death in patients. Common health risks for hearing loss sufferers include:

  • Mental decline. The ears may perceive sounds, but the brain processes the information and helps us understand and interact with our environment. When a person’s hearing is blocked, the centers of the brain that process sound begin to shut down, leading to cognitive problems and mental decline. Studies have shown that people with even mild hearing loss are much more likely to develop dementia than people with normal hearing, with risks of mental problems increasing with each degree of hearing loss. The good news is that hearing aids have been shown to improve cognitive function and prevent further decline in many hearing-impaired patients.
  • Infections. Chronic ear infections that cause hearing loss may lead to the spread of viruses and bacteria throughout the body. If they are not treated quickly, patients may suffer high fevers and require IV antibiotics, or even succumb to an infection in the tissues near the brain and spinal cord (meningitis).
  • Accidents. Our hearing alerts us to many day-to-day dangers. Tornado warnings, fire alarms, police sirens, smoke detectors, and other emergency signals may go unnoticed, leading to injury or even early mortality. Many patients with hearing loss are unable to use the telephone effectively, making it difficult for them to call for help after suffering an injury.
  • Isolation. Hearing loss sufferers may be afraid to interact with others, and retreat into the safety of their own homes. This social isolation makes it more likely that a patient will suffer from depression, develop poor eating and sleeping habits, or suffer ill-health due to missed doctor’s appointments.

If you or someone you love has hearing loss, you should schedule an appointment with a hearing specialist as soon as possible. Your chances of injury could be cut in half with proper hearing correction! Fill out our easy online contact sheet to make a hearing testing appointment at one of our Florida locations.

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