3 Ways Wearing a Hearing Aid Improves a Patient’s Daily Life

People who don’t have hearing loss are often shocked to discover that only one in five hearing-impaired patients wears a hearing aid. However, for the millions of Americans suffering from the condition, this statistic is more understandable. Patients may go for years straining to hear conversations, avoiding crowds or front desks, or even stop leaving the house altogether rather than wear a hearing aid.

Why Life Improves After Hearing Aids

A hearing aid does far more than simply improve your ability to hear. For instance, many hearing loss sufferers report that wearing a hearing device gave them more:

  • Energy. Hearing loss places a great deal of stress on a person; in fact, healthcare providers refer to the stress and anxiety most patients suffer as “hearing loss exhaustion.” Untreated patients expend much more energy every day by trying to read lips, worrying about communicating with strangers or coworkers, and being terrified of missing audio signals when driving or walking alone. Hearing loss exhaustion can also lead to emotional problems and depression, sapping even more energy away. A hearing device allows your brain to process sounds without your attention, giving you back the time and energy to spend on more important things.
  • Respect. Patients who are afraid of looking “old” if they wear a hearing device may find themselves interacting less and less with their friends and family members—in effect, making them less reachable and more likely to be considered “old.” You may not be a teenager, but your opinions are still valuable—and the only way to impart your wisdom is by being part of the conversation. A hearing aid allows you to speak clearly and directly with those around you, including relatives, waiters, shop owners, and others who may have otherwise dismissed you.
  • Confidence. Hearing loss conjures up many negative emotions, including loss of self-esteem. A hearing aid restores communication and encourages sharing of thoughts, emotions and ideas—and even improves cognitive function in older adults. Many retirees enjoy increased independence due to their hearing aids, allowing them to lead longer, fuller lives. Hearing aid wearers are also less introverted, making them more likely to make friends, enjoy intimate relationships, and remain an active member of society.

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