Our Florida Hearing Professionals Can Stop the Ringing in Your Ears Once and for All

Let Us Help You Stop the Ringing in Your Ears For Good.

You wouldn’t say that you’ve become used to the ringing in your ears, but you’ve become able to suffer through it. You’re not in pain, but your friends don’t understand how distracting it can be—and you may even have been told that it’s “all in your head.” Although your condition comes and goes, some days the noise is so irritating that you literally cannot hear yourself think. Is there anything you can do to experience the silence that you used to take for granted?

How Can Audiologists Treat Tinnitus?

Tinnitus, commonly referred to as head noise, is described as a persistent noise such as a “ringing in the ears.” Patients can experience a wide range of noises, ranging from a low buzz or humming sound to high-pitched noises such as hissing or screeching. In severe cases, tinnitus can cause insomnia, lack of concentration, and early onset of dementia in older patients.

As a division of the Silverstein Institute, Medical Hearing Systems provides a comprehensive approach to treating tinnitus symptoms. Our licensed audiologists and hearing care specialists offer a number of services to relieving tinnitus, including:

  • Audiograms. All tinnitus patients are given a thorough audiometric evaluation. Your audiogram will test the air and bone conduction in your ear, helping us determine the most effective course of treatment.
  • Clearing blockages. Some cases of tinnitus are caused by blockages in the ear canal. Our specialists can clean your ears using special earwax removal tools, clearing the debris out of your ear.
  • Medical screening. Tinnitus that occurs in sync with your heartbeat (pulsatile) can be a sign of an underlying medical condition, such as high blood pressure. Our medical screenings can help rule out health factors (including diabetes and thyroid problems) as a cause of your tinnitus.
  • Further testing. Since we are part of the larger medical community, we can refer you to an otolaryngologist for an ear, nose, and throat examination to determine the cause of your tinnitus. We can use the latest diagnostic testing to rule out underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to the tinnitus.

A Hearing Aid Could Rid You of Your Tinnitus Symptoms

Many patients are able to get relief for tinnitus symptoms by wearing hearing aids or sound enrichment devices (devices that emit a low-level noise). The professionals at Medical Hearing Systems can match you with the perfect device to ease the ringing in your ears, and offer flexible financing to help you afford the device that will give you peace of mind. Call us at (866) 517-4415 to schedule your appointment at our location nearest you!