About the Audiologists and Staff at Medical Hearing Systems

Medical Hearing Systems was created to give patients with hearing loss a full range of diagnostic and corrective services. We provide personal hearing systems, assistive listening devices, comprehensive testing and one-on-one care, using the best of our ability to restore the most of your hearing.

We Take a Team Approach to Hearing Restoration

As a division of the Silverstein Institute, Medical Hearing Systems is proud to have a full staff of clinical audiologists licensed by the State of Florida and certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association. We also work with licensed hearing specialists and physicians in the Silverstein Institute, making it possible to explore all medical options and deliver the best possible hearing results.

We Care About Your Life After a Hearing Aid

Unlike other hearing aid providers, we see a hearing device as the beginning rather than the end of hearing correction. As part of our hearing rehabilitation program, we provide compensation strategies to help you adjust to life with an assistive listening device, and invite your friends and family to participate to help allow for clear understanding and communication with the people around you.

We Put Our Patients First

Our friendly and caring office staff is sincerely invested in improving each our patients’ lives for the better. We offer many financing options to allow our patients to go home with the device that will best suit their lifestyle. We accept many different forms of insurance and accept assignment if your Medicare deductible has been met for the calendar year.

Our audiologists and hearing specialists are available to patients in Venice, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and across southwest Florida. Don’t live another day without hearing the sounds you love! Call us toll-free at (866) 517-4415 to schedule your hearing testing appointment today!