Our Sarasota Hearing Professionals Provide Hearing Consultations to Help Stop Hearing Loss in Its Tracks

People often have good excuses for putting off hearing testing: they don’t have the time, they’re not in pain, they don’t want the added expense. While these excuses may be true, they may merely be deflecting the real reason for dodging a hearing loss appointment: patients don’t want to be told bad news.

Many patients arrive at our offices to confirm what they already know: that their hearing has gotten worse, or is almost gone. Rather than merely deliver the news that patients have a hearing condition, Medical Hearing Systems offers a solution to the problem immediately after testing, helping patients find a solution as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Our Team of Audiologists and Hearing Care Specialists Use Comprehensive Testing to Find the Right Treatment

Serving the Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice area, Medical Hearing Systems is a division of the Silverstein Institute, and each of our offices is staffed with clinical audiologists licensed by the State of Florida. When you arrive for your hearing screening, you will be given a full audiometric evaluation using our REAL EAR computer to test your speech discrimination, sound conduction, and hearing reflexes. Each patient’s hearing needs are different, ant this system helps us map the degree and type of your hearing loss to determine the right hearing correction for you.

Our testing services will discover if your hearing loss is:

  • Sensorineural. Nearly all hearing aid users suffer some degree of sensorineural hearing loss. This condition is caused by damage to the cochlea, auditory nerve, or other structures in the inner ear, and can be caused by excessive noise exposure, ear infections, traumatic accidents, or aging. Sensorineural hearing loss may be mild, moderate, or severe, or it may result in total deafness.
  • Conductive. An obstruction in the ear canal can make sounds more muffled, blocking the transmission of noises from the outside to the inner ear. This is known as conductive hearing loss, and is commonly caused by infections, fluid buildup, tumors, or other blockages. As part of our examination, we can safely remove earwax buildup to improve the quality of your hearing before your hearing test.
  • Mixed. Severe trauma, illness, or perforated eardrums can result in symptoms of both types of hearing loss. During your testing, our audiologists can diagnose the extent of your hearing loss, and whether your hearing should be restored with hearing aids, medication, or surgery.

After your test, our specialists will recommend a few hearing aid devices to give you the best hearing quality. We will also perform the same hearing tests while you are wearing a hearing device to help you compare models and become comfortable with your choice. Your appointment ends with a 30-day trial period of your new device and follow up appointments for hearing aid cleaning services and an annual hearing test.

Call Us Today to Schedule Your Hearing Test!

We know that hearing aids can be a significant investment for many patients. That is why Medical Hearing Systems accepts many forms of insurance and flexible credit options to pair you with the device you need. Call us at (941) 486-0950 to schedule your hearing testing appointment at our location nearest you!