Our Free Information Pack Can Help Families Suffering Through Hearing Loss

Many people are afraid to have a conversation with someone who is losing his hearing. You want to show concern and have a talk that ends with a positive result—but you’ve been putting it off because you don’t want to hurt your family member’s feelings. Unfortunately, the longer you wait to discuss the problem, the longer the hearing condition will go untreated, causing even further damage (and putting older patients at risk).

Our Free Info Pack Helps Gives You the Hearing Loss Tools You Need

Our hearing care staff knows that information is key to helping people make decisions that will improve their health. That is why we offer a comprehensive information packet to help people with hearing problems and their families identify the myths and truths about hearing loss. The packet contains a comprehensive consumer guide, an explanation of the various hearing aid models, and even a short quiz to determine whether or not your loved one needs a hearing aid—and best of all, the info pack is 100% free.

Our resources can help you find the right way to start the hearing loss conversation. For instance:

  • Did you know that many users experience a positive impact on their relationships when they start using hearing aids?
  • Did you know that using a hearing aid can actually slow down the deterioration of hearing?
  • Did you know that 70% of users became more outgoing after they started using hearing aids?

As a division of the Silverstein Institute, Medical Hearing Systems is proud to provide these hearing loss facts, tips, and tricks at no cost to you. Simply fill out the short form below and your FREE information pack will be sent right to your email address. You can email the digital copy to your loved one or even print it out as an easy reference guide. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain! Request your free copy today!

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