Our Florida Hearing Aid Repair Technicians Can Make Your Device Like New

You’ve had your hearing aid for a few years now, and you cannot deny that your life has improved as a result. Very few people have noticed the device itself, but plenty have noticed a difference in your attitude—and you’re more social than ever before.

But recently, you’ve become frustrated at the lack of sound performance coming out of your device. The hearing aid was an investment, and you don’t really want to finance a new one—especially since it was supposed to last you ten years. Is there a way to restore your device, rather than replace it?

Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Most Hearing Aid Problems

A hearing aid is a complex piece of technology, and requires proper maintenance to deliver the best possible sound. Our hearing specialists can perform a number of services to keep your hearing aid working properly, including:

  • Cleaning. Most performance problems are due to earwax and debris blocking the tubing and muffling sound. We can clean your device thoroughly without damaging the sound outlet, microphone, connections, and other components. We also replace wax filters and batteries to improve sound quality.
  • Maintenance. As a division of the Silverstein Institute, each Medical Hearing Systems location has a hearing aid lab onsite, making it easy for us to diagnose the problem with your hearing aid.
  • Repair. Our specialists have been able to repair many hearing aids by replacing worn or faulty parts. They often can also enhance the performance of the device by reprogramming the device. However, if your device is over five years old, it may become increasingly difficult to find new parts; companies usually manufacture parts for their hearing aids only for a short time, discontinuing them to make way for newer models.
  • Free refurbished hearing aids. If your hearing aid is beyond repair and you cannot afford a new one, we may be able to provide you with a replacement from our Hearing Device Bank. This program through the Ear Research Foundation collects donated hearing aid devices that are cleaned, repaired, and given to people who do not have the ability to finance a new device.

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