What if my doctor recommends a hearing aid that is ugly or unflattering?

Many people with hearing loss have gone to the doctor and been told that they need a hearing aid. However, you may have listened to the diagnosis while visions of clunky beige ear devices swam in front of your eyes—and you haven’t been back since.

Let Form and Function Rule Your Hearing Aid Shopping

Just because you’re buying a device to correct a medical condition does not mean you have to be unfashionable. Twenty years ago, there were a handful of hearing aid styles and even fewer colors; in today’s market, you could wear a different make and model for each day of the year.

If you think you are doomed to an ugly or unsightly hearing aid, consider the following ways to turn your device into a fashion accessory:

  1. Personalize it! Most hearing aid manufacturers offer plenty of ways to customize your device, including offering casings and accessories in a variety of colors. Adults and children alike can opt for neon pink, leopard print, or even devices that have been bedazzled with crystals.
  2. Be stealthy. Depending on the hearing loss you have, you may be able to choose an “invisible” hearing aid. These devices sit inside the ear canal and are completely contained in a tiny molded earpiece, making it impossible to tell you are wearing a hearing aid.
  3. Show your pride. There are plenty of ways that putting on your hearing aid every day can make you smile. Sports fans can accessorize with a case featuring their favorite team’s logo, and many artists can hand-paint custom designs or even form animal shapes with larger devices.
  4. Get connected. Hearing aids allow you to hear conversations and the sounds of your environment, but wireless accessories take personal hearing even further. These devices work with your hearing aid to bring the sounds of your TV, telephone, or music player directly to your ear.

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