Should I have my hearing tested every year, or more often?

It is a good idea for adults over the age of 40 to get their hearing tested at least once a year. However, age is only one indicator of how often a person’s hearing should be tested. Patients who may need more frequent hearing testing include:

  • Children. Children have their hearing tested more frequently than any other age group. Infants may have hearing checkups every few weeks to ensure proper development, and toddlers typically have basic hearing response tests at their yearly doctor appointments.
  • People who work in noisy environments. Occupational hearing loss is a major cause of early and permanent hearing problems in the U.S. Employees who are regularly exposed to high noise levels, including construction workers, industrial and factory employees, airline workers, and musicians should have their hearing tested at least twice per year, and should discuss custom-made ear protection with their hearing care specialists.
  • People who are experiencing hearing loss. If you are having difficulty hearing high-pitched noises, notice that people are mumbling, or have asked others to repeat themselves more than once this past week, you may be experiencing early symptoms of hearing loss. No matter what your age, you should schedule a hearing exam as soon as possible to determine the cause and prevent the condition from getting worse.
  • Patients with hearing aids. People who have been fitted with hearing aids will need testing appointments once per year to make sure their devices are programmed properly. If a hearing aid doesn’t seem to be working, a hearing care provider can schedule a test at any time, both with and without hearing aids, to determine if there has been a change in the patient’s hearing.

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Even if you are only suffering from a slight hearing loss, a hearing test can provide a baseline for future exams, making it easier to see the progression of your condition as you age. We offer free hearing testing for patients in the Sarasota area, making it easy for you to get started on your hearing restoration journey. Call us today to schedule your appointment at our office nearest you!

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